Booking Terms & Conditions


For all pricing and availability and any other questions relating to your stay at Damgate Cottage please telephone Nigel on 01953 603413 or 07799 825799 or email:

Booking your stay

A deposit equal to 20% the cost of your stay is payable at the time of your booking with the balance paid in full, 6 weeks before your visit.

All last minute bookings must be paid in full by cheque within 1 week or by cash upon arrival.

If you require the twin room to be made up as a super-king sized bed, please specify at the time of booking.


In the unlikely event you may need to cancel your holiday, all deposits remain non-refundable unless Nigel or you the holiday maker finds another guest for the whole of your reservation prior to the start of your booking. Please ensure you inform Nigel as soon as you know you need to cancel so that your booking can be offered for resale.

Holiday insurance

For your own peace of mind you may wish to protect your holiday plans by taking out your own holiday and travel insurance. Nigel accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to guests possessions or luggage items during your stay.

Losses, Breakage and damage

To ensure these can be rectified/replaced for the enjoyment of all, guests are asked to report all breakages and damage to Nigel who may require a contribution to cover the cost of replacement, all unreported breakages, damage or missing items must be paid for by the guest. The person responsible for making the reservation shall be held accountable to all persons in their party.

Left behind items

All items found in the cottage after a guests departure shall be kept by Nigel for a period of one month, any lost items should be reported to Nigel as soon as possible so that a search of the cottage can be made before the next guests arrive. It is the responsibility of all guests to arrange collection of all items left behind.


All property descriptions/photographs are correct at the time of going to press and Nigel reserves the right to change/update or exchange any fixtures, fittings and items of furniture and equipment within the cottage.

It is important to Nigel, the owner that guests are not unduly inconvenienced by anything within the owner's control. Any item of furniture, fixture or equipment for the use of guests found not to operate correctly should be reported as soon as it becomes apparent so that a reasonable attempt by Nigel or engineer can attempt to fix, rectify or replace the said item during a guests stay or as soon as is reasonably practical. But Nigel or appointed persons shall not enter the premises unless invited or allowed to do so by the party occupying the cottage.

Nigel or agent acting for cannot accept responsibility for any incident or accident, by act of god, nature, terrorism or by other means caused beyond his control which inhibits access to or enjoyment of any utility, right or service for the duration of a guests stay and cannot be expected to know of or otherwise prophesy said interruption or cause and shall not be expected to refund, reimburse, pay out for or otherwise compensate any losses suffered or related expenses incurred thereof.

Please note there is no garden adjacent to the cottage available for guests to use although public parks are available.

Smoking is not permitted in the cottage and pets cannot be accommodated.

Any guest not displaying reasonable care for the premises, facilities and equipment or displaying any sort of anti-social behaviour shall be reported to the relevant authority and may be asked to leave with immediate effect.

It is the responsibility of all guests or persons booking on their behalf to familiarise themselves with all property descriptions, and all terms and conditions either written or otherwise confirmed and no responsibility shall be accepted for any inconvenience or unreported failures.